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Strategic investment to cutting-edge technology

AMOREPACIFIC Ventures is the AMOREPACIFIC group’s corporate venture capital arm.
We invest in early and later stage opportunities which are strategically relevant to AMOREPACIFIC

Global total care provider of Beauty and Health

AMOREPACIFIC is one the world’s leading beauty and aesthetics companies. Since our founding in 1945, we have striven to be the world’s “Asian Beauty Creator” in the minds of global customers. In Asia, as we draw the eyes of the world, we aspire to become a company that realizes three billion Asians’ dreams of beauty, and furthermore, a company that unveils the essence of Asian beauty steeped in Asian cultures to customers across the world

Looking ahead, AMOREPACIFIC’s vision is to become a ‘Global Total Care Provider for Beauty and Health’. Our goal is to grow into the world’s top ten Beauty & Health companies with ten megabrands. We aim to build the foundation for this growth by identifying and delivering innovative technology aesthetics and dermatology solutions to our customers.

AMOREPACIFIC has always been committed to cutting edge technology. We invest a significant portion of our capital into R&D, leveraging our world-class research center, located in Yongin. Unlike many aesthetics companies, we have built and operated a wholly owned pharmaceutical company, PACIFICPHARMA CORPORATION and have invested in early-stage life science venture companies over the past 10 years. Building on our heritage, we officially launched AMOREPACIFIC Ventures in July 2011. AMOREPACIFIC Ventures reflects AMOREPACIFIC's commitment to helping customers by transforming scientific discoveries into novel products.

The Team
Team with Passion
Chief Investment Principal
Tim Tae-Hyung Kim
Investment Principal
Mike Hyoung-Jun Kim
Investment Principal
Brian Jong-Keun Lee
Brian Byung-Fhy Suh
Matthew Taekjin Oh

At AMOREPACIFIC Ventures, we are continually developing relationships with investors and entrepreneurs and their advisors globally. We would like to hear from you if you are an investor in emerging companies or working on behalf of a business looking for capital, where there could be a benefit in working together.

Please contact Tim Kim(,
Mike Kim( and Brian Lee(
to discuss how we may be able to work closely together.

Investment Criteria

  • Objective of Investment
  • Stage of Funding
  • Competitive Advantages
Objective of Investment
Strategic growth options for AMOREPACIFIC

AMOREPACIFIC Ventures measures the success of our investments not only by financial return but also by their strategic growth potential for AMOREPACIFIC.

As an important component of AMOREPACIFIC’s overall strategy, AMOREPACIFIC Ventures invests in emerging venture companies focused on discovering and developing aesthetics therapeutics and related medical technologies. Our fund is primarily focusing on areas that complement AMOREPACIFIC’s current product lines. Our fund offers emerging companies access to our extensive capabilities. In parallel, our portfolio companies provide us with insight into technology innovations that may pave the way for future collaborations.

Stage of Funding

AMOREPACIFIC Ventures is stage-neutral. Our investments range from seed funding to later rounds. Our investment commitment depends upon the stage of funding, phase of product development, and alignment of the venture with our strategic growth objectives. Subject to the case, we can act as lead investor or participate in a syndicate

Competitive Advantage
Commitment to development and commercialization

AMOREPACIFIC Ventures can execute on development and commercialization plans to accelerate Asian market adoption of our portfolio company’s products and technologies in addition to our financial investment. We can be a valuable and fully aligned partner providing access to Asia’s vast consumer market.

  • Aesthetics
  • Hair
  • Obesity
  • Beauty Food
  • Derma Drug
  • Platform Technology
  • Service
  • Device
1 Products for anti-wrinkle and whitening
2 Solutions for anti-aging
1 Products enhancing hair growth
2 Products preventing hair loss or grey hair
1 Solutions reducing body weight and cellulite
2 Products for body shaping
Beauty Food
1 Nutraceuticals that are genuinely health and beauty-promoting
Derma Drug
1 Products for atopic dermatitis, acne, stretch marks, rosacea, psoriasis, anti-fungal, etc.
2 Post-surgical treatment such as wound healing and scars
Platform Technology
1 Technology enhancing topical ingredient delivery such as nano-technology
2 Novel formulation technologies
3 Emerging biotechnologies such as stem cell, gene profiling, etc.
1 New business model on beauty and health area
2 Emerging technologies to help marketing and sales performance
1 Home-use beauty devices for cleansing, massage, etc.
2 Aesthetic devices for hair growth, skin rejuvenation and body contouring

Investment Focus


Neothetics Neothetics

Neothetics develops products for aesthetic medicine to enhance well-being and improve quality-of-life.

Obalon Therapeutics Obalon Therapeutics

Obalon is an engineering-driven medical technology company with a singular focus on innovative, high-quality gastric balloon technology

Brickell Biotech Brickell Biotech

Brickell Biotech is a development-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative drug therapies for the treatment of skin diseases.

Way Wearable Way Wearable

WAY Wearable is a company that helps customers to live a beautiful life. The service firstly launched, WAY, is a personal skincare device, which collects real time data from your skin and the environment and provides practical skincare and beauty tips on your smartphone.

Elastagen Elastagen

Elastagen is a clinical stage medical company with an advanced pipeline of products based on the human protein tropoelastin, a pioneering medical biomaterial.

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